Domination - 500 level

Monsters on way:
Reward: Optional: . ,

PART I We go to the indicated place:
After reaching the place, go down to the cave with and head to the indicated place:
We Zanzoken through the water and use a boat to arrive on the target island.
Our first task is to kill this pillar:
Under the pillar there is a fish needed for the rest of the quest. We put the acquired fish in the bonus slot in the inventory and go to this building:
Going inside with a fish inserted in the bonus slot causes the Ghost NPC to appear. We start the dialogue:
-> Hi -> story -> seal
The ghost will ask you to provide him with a magic fishing rod.
To get the fishing rod, go to NPC Alex:
We start the dialogue:
->Hi -> best fishing rod
The NPC will inform us about the delivery of several items:
Alex: First you need a solid line i can make one for you if you bring me 15 and 1
Alex: Nice heres your line. Now you need a solid and elastic stick it can be made with if you bring me 30 of them and 1 i can make it for you.
Alex: Thank you heres your stick now the last part is a hook but it needs to be made of something magic perhaps can be melted for hookY Bring it to me for this one i wont charge any money.
Alex: It worked! Now that you have all 3 parts you need to put them together. In order to do that you need to find a good smith or scientist good luck.
When we have 3 items needed to assemble the rod, go to Dr. Brief who will want a 5 credit card from us or to Dr. Gero, who will demand a dozen or so drop of metallic in return for assembling the rod.
In both NPCs, the dialogue is as follows:
->Hi ->combine ->bring
We take the folded rod back to the Spirit. In this way we get access to "sealed" buildings.

We will need 3 people with a dedicated rod to complete the task.
Each player goes to one of these buildings with the required items in their backpack:
On the upper floor of each building, there are monsters with hidden amounts of HP. Our task is to kill all the monsters in the room at once.
An additional difficulty is the fact that all 3 people have to do it at the same time. There is a lever in one of the buildings that you must move when you kill all monsters. After getting inside, put the item as described on the plate:
Move the levers and start the fight with the Boss.
The boss uses a lethal technique from time to time. When the pillars change their position, we have about 2-3 seconds to reach the new ones. After killing the boss, a teleport will appear on the right side of the room:
We will need the following items to claim your rewards:
Freezer Mask - 30 bunch of kaddish hair
Freezer Armor - 30 salamandra skin
Freezer Legs - 30 gigantic spider legs