World Boss

Description :

- Angry Black Goku is a World Boss that appears on Earth at a predetermined place.
- Three times a day, everyday between 10:00-12:00 A.M. , 4:00-6:00 P.M. and 10:00-12:00 P.M.
- His arrival is announced in advance by countdown messages "Angry Black Goku will attack earth planet in 30/10/5/1 minutes kill him and get precious rewards!"
- Once we enter the world boss arena, in order to leave it, we must defeat Angry Black Goku and use the teleport that appears after killing him for 5 minutes, or die.
- Teleport in the bottom left corner of the arena is deadly, don't use it.

Monsters :

Rewards :

In order to receive rewards and experience you must exceed a certain damage threshold.

- Top 1 - 3 damage dealt on the boss :

- Top 4 - damage dealt : [Random reward among ]
3x 3x 3x 10x 5x 15x 5x 5x 10x

- #73 World Boss Slayer achievement.

Experience Master Server :

- Top 1 damage dealt : 89 level's
- Top 2 damage dealt : 79 level's
- Top 3 damage dealt : 69 level's

- Top 4 - damage dealt : 24,5 level's

Experience Genesis Server :

- Top 1 damage dealt : 105 level's
- Top 2 damage dealt : 94 level's
- Top 3 damage dealt : 83 level's

- Top 4 - damage dealt : 29 level's

Location :

ZHuj ZHuj

Boss Fight :

- World Boss have 2 forms Angry Black Goku and Evil Black Goku.
Angry Black Goku receives reduced damage and it is basically impossible to kill.
Evil Black Goku receives normal damage and we are able to kill him.
- To fight the boss, one of the participating player must have random amount of , amount depends on the number of boss transformations.
- To be able to kill World Boss you need to attack Evil Black Goku, and when he changes form to Angry Black Goku,
use on him to change his form back to Evil Black Goku.

How to create :

- You can create in World Boss Arena at Fountain of Souls.
- To create we need and
- Positive and negative creation takes away our ingredients.

Boss Special Skills :

**Remember** that there is a small chance that Fireball or poison can cast at the same time with explosion !

1st Special Technique -Fireballs

- Boss stands still and activates dragon statues around the arena, then statues releases fireballs waves, avoid them!
- Fireball always flies straight from the statue. Each Fireball takes 60% of your maximum powerlevel.

2nd Special Technique - Poison

- Boss stands still and activates snake statues around the arena, then statues releases poison waves, avoid them!
- If you've been affected by poison, the damage ticks every second. Logarithmically doubling the damage dealt, every second!
- removes poison inflicted by the boss.
If poison has affected you, use it as soon as possible.
Example with double special's, it shouldn't happen after the update

3rd Special Technique - Explosion

- Boss stands still and sends a message to default chat "ARGHHH, look where you're standing!!"
After the message, the explosion will occur after 4 seconds.
- The explosion is preceded by yellow bolts on the floor twice.
- During the second lightning bolts, green squares will appear on the floor, which will protect us from the explosion,
get to them as quickly as possible, preferably using the "zanzoken" technique.
- There are always twice as many green squares as there are players in the arena.
- You have to stand on the green square until the explosion ends.
- If you are not on the green square during the explosion, you will die.

Created by Hot Malina
© 2023 Copyright - Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur
Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur