Guild System

Guilds is a system that allows players to create their own team ,
as well as the ability to upgrade it or take part in guild battles.
Membership in a guild offers the following benefits:

Guild Bank Account

Each guild has its own bank account which can be used to purchase upgrades.
All members can deposit money into the guild bank account,
but only the guild leader can withdraw money.
The latest balance can be seen by all guild members
which can be seen in the guild chat.

Guild Chat Channel

The guild channel opens automatically upon login for all guild members.
Leaders can easily be recognised by
the different font colour in the guild chat.

Guild Upgrades - Exp / Drop / Skill .

Only the guild leader can upgrade given attributes.
Zenni bills and premium points are required to upgrade a given attribute.
Each attribute has a maximum upgrade level of 25.
Each upgrade level increases our exp / drop / skill by 1%.

Access to Guildhalls

The guildhouse is only available after winning a team fight.
Guildhalls are houses that are specifically designed to be used by guilds.
Being in the Guild House Gym increases skilling .

Guild Commands

WOE System

It is a system based on daily battles between several teams for the best guild house and starting on 9:20 PM. The fight between teams lasts 30 minutes. To join the guild leader must enter the /guild woe command. The winning team can stay there for 24 hours and staying there increases our ability to skill by 20%.