Cell Arena

Monsters on way:
Reward : Daily access to Cell Arena where you can fight with Super Angry Cell and you have 50% chance to drop piece of cell armor.

At first we need to talk with Dr Gero, so we follow route on the screen.

When we get to the to the Dr Gero, we simply ask him about cell.

He tells us story about resurecting Cell and necessary ingridients to do it. Now we need to find a Dende, so we follow the route:

Once we get to the top of the tower, we need to ask Dende about energy crystal that we need to ressurect Cell:

He tells us to find a NPC on namek planet, the correct NPC is Guru, so we travel to namek and follow the route as on the screen:

And simply ask him again about energy crystal.

Guru tells us about lost crystal, and leads us to the Super Elder namek spawn, so we follow next route as on screen:

Once we get to the secret room with crystals, we need to use the crystal as shown on screen, and we get the crystal.

Now we need to take this crystal and report it do Dr Gero, so we go back to Dr Gero and tell him about energy crystal

Dr Gero tells us that now we need to provide the red essence of life, so we get a magic vial from him and information that we should look for it at hell beasts. So we go to hell, and follow the route:

Once we get there we need to use the zanzoken technique on lava, and use cracked lava, in our inventory we should see the red essence of life.

Now when we have the energy crystal, and red essence of life we need to report it to the Dr Gero, so we find back our way to Dr Gero and simply ask him about cell items.
Remember! We need to have energy crystal, red essence of life and 10 credit cards to get this mission done.

Now we can ask Dr Gero about cell arena and be teleported to fight the boss, we can repeat this task everyday, the mission resets after midnight, be also aware about the special techinque that cell uses... It's deadly.