Cell Arena

General description :

Daily, solo arena with Super Angry Cell.
Arena is repeatable, with a limit of one entry per day after completing a repeatable task.
The daily mission reset takes place everyday, after midnight.
If you die, you can re-enter arena without daily, but on the next day.
You can use Cell Area Pass from Daily Rewards, to skip daily missions and enter the arena directly.

Monsters :

Rewards :

- Experience = 75 levels
- 50% chance to receive that drops automatically after killing the Super Angry Cell.
- Chance to get from a drop :
- #74 Cell Slayer achievement.

Mission for an arena pass :

To get started we need to go to >Doctor Gero<


Hi -> Cell

In order to resurrect Cell we need to find Energy Crystal at first.
Doctor Gero sends us to >Dende<


Hi -> Energy Crystal

Dende sends us to the Namek Planet to talk to >Guru<


Hi -> Energy Crystal

Guru sends us to the Super Elder Namek spawn, to find lost energy crystal.

Once we find secret room with crystals, we need to use [RMB] Green Crystal, to receive Energy Crystal.

As Guru said, once we get Energy Crystal, we're going back to >Doctor Gero<


Hi -> Energy Crystal

Dr Gero tells us that now we need to provide the red essence of life,
so we get a from him and information that we should look for it at hell beasts.
So we go to hell, and follow the route:

Once we get there we need to use the zanzoken technique on lava,
and use on cracked lava in the middle, red essence of life should appear in our backpack.

Now when we've collected energy crystal, and red essence of life we go back to >Doctor Gero<
Remember! We need to have energy crystal, red essence of life and 10 to complete the task.

Hi -> Cell Items

After delivering the necessary items to resurrect the cell to Doctor Gero, we can enter the arena to fight

Hi -> Cell arena

Boss Fight and Special Skill :

- To defeat we have to defeat all of his forms one by one.
- In addition to normal attacks, he sometimes uses a special skill that kills with one hit.
The only chance to avoid the special attack is to stand behind a white pillar, parallel to the cell. The safety grid is marked with an arrow.

Special Skill :

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