Magic Power Quest - 500 level

Monsters on way:
Reward: Optional: or
We go to the place indicated:
We go up the stairs to the rock and go right to the marked place:
We go down into the underground and look for the place indicated:
We use on bars . We can buy it from NPC Robber in North City.
After entering the teleport, we will appear in the room with NPC Bujin.
We start the conversation: Hi -> job. He will ask us to provide the following items:
- reward
To give back the golden fish we need 100 fisihng! - reward

Where To Get - - reward

After delivery of all items, we write: Hi -> fight.
We will be moved to a small room, where we will have to fight with
After winning the fight, we can collect the prize. We write: Hi -> reward and we choose or . Congratulations!