Reborn Trial

Requirements to start :
  • Completed Saga 67 [Train with Uub]
  • 500 level
  • Rank PVP: Criminal *5 Kills*
  • *Tips:*
    - In order to get kills, you don't have to get frags
    - You can use your noob character to complete this, just turn on skull on your noob character, and simply kill him with your main character.
    This way you will not receive a frag and the kill will be counted
    - You can check your progress using command "!frags".
    - You can check progress on the website aswell.
  • 135 Train Points.

  • Monsters to kill:

    Rewards :
  • Unlocking 68th Saga, possibility to use Basket, saga 68

  • Task 1 - Patience

    To start this task, you have to visit your teacher

    To find your teacher you can use obtained for completing 1st level of Battle Quest,
    or just go by foot:

  • Cell, Tuffle, Human, Videl - Doctor Gero
  • Vegeta, Trunks - Vegeta
  • Janemba - Dabura
  • Majin - Babidi
  • Brolly - Paragas
  • Shenron - Li Shenron
  • Goku, Gohan - Gohan
  • Freezer, Cooler - King Cold
  • Namek Speelcaster, Namek Warrior - Guru
  • Bardock - King Vegeta
  • Krillan, Yamcha - Kame Sennin
  • Zamasu - Gowasu
  • Jiren - Gicchin

  • Once you arrive to your proffesion teacher you begin the conversation:


    Teacher: You must pass seven tests their skills.


    Teacher: First trial is patience. Kame Sennin test your patience skill.

    You will be sent by your teacher for further testing to Kame Sennin

    If we leave, or log out during conversation we will be blocked for 2 min.
    Kame Sennin: You are blocked for 2 minutes, because you dont answer for last msg.


    ->Hi -> Patience

    You will get a message to test your patience on Default chat:
    Messages we receive are random, our reply is after the dash.We reply in the NPCs chat.

    Example Message:

    Kame Sennin: Are you completly sure you are ready for next trial - Your answer: Yes, I Am Sure

    You copy the answer and reply in the NPCs chat.
    Yes, I Am Sure

    You will receive another message in the default chat, repeat the action over and over again until you receive the message:

    Kame Sennin: You pass patience test!
    Kame Sennin: Next trial is "Cleverness", you must find and pass duct.

    Kame Sennin sends you to the maze.

    Task 2 - Maze

    To complete this task you need to find and pass through the maze. It is located under the capsule with Paragas.

    Once you entered the hole, you just need to get from point A to point B.

    *When you reach the door with the level gate, stop and read the guide.
    Once you pass the door, you have to be careful where you stand, because if you make a mistake, you'll be teleported to hell and die !!

    To pass the Maze, you need to get to the teleport. Move along clear grids indicated in the photo, do not step on the fire!
    Use num pad, makes it easier to walk diagonally.

    Enter the teleport, at the end of the Maze.

    Teleport leads to NPC Watchman, talk to him.


    ->Hi -> Security

    Task is completed, you just got smarter!

    Task 3 - Intelligence

    You continue the conversation with NPC Watchman.

    ->Hi -> Intelligence

    Now he will ask you a questions, you answer as shown.

    Watchman: How many outfit colors have tibia.
    ->Hi -> Tibia have outfit colors: 133.

    Watchman: You pass "Intelligence" Trial , Next trial is Power.

    ->Hi -> Power
    The task is completed, your intelligence increased.

    Task 4 - Power

    After your conversation, you will be transported to the arena where we have to show your strength and defeat your opponents.

  • Teleport takes you to the very beginning of the maze, if you use it before completing the task, you will have to do everything again!
  • To start the test you need to move the lever.
  • You must defeat each opponent in turn, clicking the lever after each one to summon the next one.

  • After defeating all opponents, you move the lever once again.
    Task completed, you were moved to the beginning of the maze.
    You will get information on Default chat:Ask your teacher about next trial.
    All you have to do is to go back to your teacher in order to start the next task:

    ->Hi ->Trial
    You just got stronger!

    Task 5 - PVP Skills

    Requirements :

  • Rank PVP: Criminal *5 Kills*

  • If you meet the requirements, you continue the conversation with your teacher:

    ->Hi -> pvp skill

    Task is completed. You just proved that you have a very good PvP skill!

    Task 6 - Perseverance

    Requirements :

  • 135 Train Points

  • If you meet the requirements, keep talki to your teacher:

    ->Hi -> trial -> Perseverance

    The task is completed. You just got more persistent!

    You have completed all tasks!

    As a reward you get Now you can go use the dragon ball basket and make a reborn!


    *In order to use Dragon Ball Basket, and get Reborn, You need to put whole equipment, including backpack in depo, and withdraw all your money from Deposit in the skills tab.
    Once you do that, follow the route to Dende Palace.

    Once you get to Basket, saga 68, just simply use it. You will get teleported to Red Shenron, talk to him:

    ->Hi -> Reborn

    Congratulations, You have Reborned !

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    Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur