Reborn Trial

Monsters on way:
Reward: Possibility to do a Reborn
-Completed Sagas after Uub,
-500 level,
-Rank PVP: Killer *51 Kills* .
-135 Train Points.

Task 1 - Patience
We go to our teacher probably at this level, everyone knows where their teacher is and we write:
hi -> fusion -> skills
Our teacher directs us to the NPC Kame Sennin.

We write to him:
hi -> patience
We get a message on Default:
Are you completly sure you are ready for next trial - Your answer: Yes, I Am Sure
And we write back:
Yes, I Am Sure
Now we have to copy and write answers , until we see answer:
Kame Sennin: You pass patience test!
Kame Sennin: Next trial is "Cleverness", you must find and pass duct.
NPC Kame Sennin sends us to the maze.
We just got more patient!

Task 2 - Smarts
You have to go through the maze. Where is he located , It is not hidden as you think. It is located under the capsule that leads you to Vegeta - Paragas.

But it's not just any maze. When we choose the wrong box, waiting for us:

Teleport to Hell and Death.
There are two ways we can go and they are as follows:
* Remember Do Not Enter On Fire * - Entering on Fire = Death

At the very end of the labyrinth there is a teleport - enter it.

We see NPC Watchman.

We write to him:
hi -> security
We just got smarter!

Task 3 - Intelligence
We continue the conversation with NPC Watchman
hi -> Intelligence
We get a question from him:
Watchman : How many outfit colors have tibia .
You must say hi -> Tibia have outfit colors: 133 .
Task 4 - strength
After the correct answer, how many colors are there , NPC Watchman replies:
Watchman: You pass "Intelligence" Trial , Next trial is Power.
Now we have to write:
hi -> power
We are transferred to the arena with a lever and two teleports that lead to the very beginning of the maze!

We will have to defeat the enemies ourselves to prove our power ! There is nothing left for us to do but pull the levers and face:
- such as on Namek
- such as in the Forbidden Cave of Brolly
- such as on Janemba Tower Quest
- such as on Vegeta Challange Quest
- such as on Masterclass Group Quest
After defeating all opponents, we move the lever once again that takes us to the very beginning of the maze with the amazing news for us:

And the information on Default:
Ask your teacher about next trial.
We go back to our teacher and write:
hi -> power trial
We just got stronger!

Task 5 - PvP skills
We continue the conversation with our teacher. Here we need the rank of Killer * 51 Kills *, when we get it, we write to the teacher:
hi -> pvp skill
We just proved that we have a very good PvP skill!

Task 6 - Perseverance
We continue the conversation with our teacher. Here we need 135 Train Points, we write:
hi -> Perseverance
We just got more persistent!
We have completed all tasks!

As a reward we get that we will need for fusion! Now we can go use the dragon ball basket and make a reborn!


*Before using the basket we must put all our equipment in the depo and withdraw money from balance.*

Now you have to go to the Dende Palace and use basket of dragon balls .

You can get there by one of two routes

Blue - From Paragas

Red - From West City

After using the basket of bullets we will be transferred to the room with Red Shenron , now we write him Hi -> Reborn