Beerus Arena

General description :

Daily, solo arena with Super Angry Beerus
Arena is repeatable, with a limit of one entry per day after completing a repeatable task.
The daily mission reset takes place everyday, after midnight.

Requirements :

- 10 000 level
- NPC Oracle Fish tasks
- Fragments of Beerus Power Quest
- Cell Set recommended, not required tho.

Monsters :

Rewards :

- Experience = 150 levels
- 15% chance to receive that drops automatically after killing the Super Angry Beerus
- Chance to get from a drop :

- #80 Beerus Arena Slayer achievement.

Mission for an arena pass :

To start the mission, we go to --> Elder Kai <-- in heaven.

Conversation :
Hi -> beerus

We are sent to -> Gohan <- on the planet earth.

Conversation :
Hi -> elder kai

We are sent to -> Goku <- , go upstairs.

Conversation :
Hi -> elder kai

We are sent to -> Bulma <- in West City.

Conversation :
Hi -> elder kai

Bulma needs energy from the planet Beerus, which is located on -> Mystic Turtles <-

should appear in the backpack.

Once we have energy, we return to -> Bulma <-

Conversation :
Hi -> energy

we receive that we have to deliver to the --> Elder Kai <--, you can take a look at what's inside by clicking the RMB.

Conversation :
Hi -> beerus

Elder Kai sends us to --> Whis <--, on the planet Whis. To ask about energy, to summon Beerus.

Conversation :
Hi -> energy

Whis sends us to the planet Beerus, to the --> Lightning Fish spawn <-- for an energy stone.

should appear in the backpack.

Once we have beerus water energy stone, we return to --> Elder Kai <--

Conversation :
Hi -> energy

Congratulations, you have completed daily mission for Beerus Arena Pass

Now you can enter Beerus Arena anytime, but keep in mind that once you enter arena, and defeat Super Angry Beerus, you need to do mission again.
If you die, you can re-enter arena without daily, but on the next day.
To enter arena type: fight.

Arena mechanics and special abilities :

Beerus Kamehameha:

- Deals 50% damage of your character's maximum health.
- The chance to cast a speel is 60% every 6 seconds.
- Can be deadly to characters with a health pool below 500k, due to damage from other spells.

Angry Clones:

- Beerus every 16 seconds, has chance to create 3 Clones, that attacks You.
1st form - 30%
2nd form - 40%
3rd form - 50%
- They don't deal significant damage, but they shouldn't be underestimated.
- You have to defeat the clones to be able to deal damage to the boss, until then he is invulnerable to attacks.


- Beerus every 30 seconds, has chance to create Fillars in the corners of the arena.
1st form - 30%
2nd form - 40%
3rd form - 50%
- Time limit 30 seconds.
- All you have to do is to "right click" them once, in the right order which is provided in the default chat by beerus.
- Starting and ending point depends on beerus' suggestions.
- Each incorrect click or double-click restarts the pillars and we have to click all over again.
- When the time expires, it means that we have failed, and as a punishment we will heal the current form of beerus to full health.



*Counter - Clockwise*




*Failure - Punishment*


Beerus Wipe:

- Beerus every 20 seconds, has 55% chance to cast Beerus Wipe, a one shot ability, if you get hit you die.
- The spell is preceded by orange inscriptions above Beerus "Time to Die" x3, Beerus also stops moving for the duration of the cast.
- The spell is cast from the current position of the beerus, the balls start traveling from the beerus to the outside.
Increasing its volume, but leaving behind safe spots.
- Theoretical safe spots are around beerus in perpendicular sections at a distance of 1 square.
However, complications may arise during form transitions when the previous form has cast the spell and the new one is active.
- To avoid any misunderstandings, it is recommended to run away from Beerus when hes casting the wipe speel, and when the spell starts to reach us, use the zanzoken to a safe place near the Beerus.
- While casting, Beerus does not deal any additional damage. However, a wipe spell may occur after creating e.g. clones or pillars.

Created by Hot Malina

© 2023 Copyright - Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur
Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur