Crafting System

General Description

Through the crafting system, we can create various common and unique items, weapons or useful things.
To open the panel with the crafting system, we must use a combination of 2 buttons "ctrl and Tab".

Here you can see what it looks like and how the search system works.

Most of the items needed for crafting can be obtained from monsters.

Other items needed to craft system:

Obtained from --> Dismantling system <--

Crafting scrool :
Crafting schematic :
Legendary blueprint :

Soul Stones drop automatically to our backpack by killing monsters.

Weak soul stone :
Soul stone :
Greater soul stone :
Legendary soul stone :

You can swap each soul stone back and forth by right-clicking.
100 into
50 into
25 into

Special craft items needed for specific item sets:

- can be obtained from and from Boss at --> Domination Quest <--
- can be obtained from and --> Cell Arena <--
- can be obtained from --> loot <-- , --> Beerus Quest <--, as well as --> Beerus Arena <--
- can be obtained from
- can be obtained from and by --> crafting <--

Diamonds - --> How to create <--

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