Easter Event


General description :

Earn easter points for opening easter items.
Participate in raids that happens every 15 minutes on earth, where you can get easter hammers.
Use easter hammers on Easter Eggs, that summon on earth randomly on 15 different locations, every 45 minutes.
Exchange Your easter points for time limited items.
Fight for the main prize for taking 1st place in collecting Easter points!

NPC Easter Agent :

You can exchange Your easter points foritems here.
All items are time limited 7 days.
When storing items in the depot, the time is not counted down.

110 Easter pts.

100 Easter pts.

120 Easter pts.

100 Easter pts.

120 Easter pts.

Drop from regular monsters :

These items, just like capsules, randomly and automatically fall into the backpack after killing any monster.


Easter pts.







Raids :

Raid monsters drops required to crack open "killing" Easter Egg.
drops like a regular item, so it is recommended to add it to your auto loot!
Mystic Bunnies do not deal damage, they have 1000 health, our physical attack deals a maximum of 1 dmg, and a ki attack deals 10 dmg.
Anyone can participate!
Raid is always announced 3 minutes in advance : Mystic Bunnies will attack Earth in 180 seconds.
Raid is initiated every 15 minutes.
Raid location is randomly selected from 4 possible locations.
Selected location is displayed in the default chat when the raid starts.

Possible Locations :

South City <--- click
Central City <--- click
Old Namek Ship <--- click
RR Castle <--- click

Easter Egg :

An Easter Egg appears randomly on planet Earth in one of 15 designated locations every 45 minutes.
His expected appearance is announced with the message: Easter Egg will attack Earth in 180 seconds.
And the appearance is announced with a global message: Easter Egg has been spawned somewhere on Earth.
To break Easter Egg, we need approximately 120
We receive a reward for hitting Easter Egg with at least once, while the best reward is received after striking 30 times.
There is no additional reward for landing more than 30 hits, however, if the Easter Egg is not broken, rewards will not be awarded.
There are 3 types of eggs as a reward for breaking the Easter Egg, each received in a different hit range
1 - 14 hits = 4 - 8pcs.
15 - 29 hits = 3 - 5pcs.
30 - ∞ hits = 1 - 2pcs.

All Locations :


Created by Hot Malina
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Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur