Bestiary System

System that allows You to "collect" monsters in bestiary scanner.

Defeat unlocked monsters to get interesting rewards for every stage.

Each monster currently has three stages.

First: get additional experience for them,
Second: get additional loot chance for them,
Third: get snake point/s, Every 10 snake points = 1 status point.


- max 200 level of creature,
- max 400 level of creature,
- max 2000 level of creature

Premium Scouter from shop:

- unlocks all the creatures available once bought


You can check bestiary stages of wanted monster on Prio-Wiki.

To show list of bestiary say !bestiary [page 1-3] or use the scanner icon in the top right corner of the client.

1. How to get monsters into bestiary system:

2. Kill required monsters amount to get prizes

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