Spider Queen

Description :

Special type of boss that appears on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 4:00 - 6:00 P.M. on
Giant Planet.
Boss arrival is announced in advance by countdown messages "Spider Queen will attack giant planet in 30/10/5/1 minutes kill her and get precious rewards!

Monsters :

Rewards :

In order to receive rewards and experience you must exceed a certain damage threshold.

- Top 1 damage dealt :
- Last Hit on the boss :

- Top 2 - damage dealt : [Random reward among]
1x 3x-15x

- #62 Killer Of Queens achievement.

Experience Master Server :

- Top 1 damage dealt : 89 level's
- Top 2 damage dealt : 79 level's
- Top 3 damage dealt : 69 level's

- Top 4 - damage dealt : 24,5 level's

Experience Genesis Server :

- Top 1 damage dealt : 105 level's
- Top 2 damage dealt : 94 level's
- Top 3 damage dealt : 83 level's

- Top 4 - damage dealt : 29 level's

Entrance Location :

Once the entrance to the Boss arena is open, it remains open until the server save at 9:00pm.

How to open the entrance to the boss :

In order to open the Entrance, we need we need to use a on a tombstone with those items in backpack : 2x , 2x , 1x

Road to Tombstone :

Go down:

Follow the minimap:

Once You use on a tombstone, you will be teleported in front of the entrance, now enter the teleport.

The only way out of the arena is to die or kill Spider Queen.
After killing Spider Queen, a teleport appears in the place of her death for 60 seconds, which allows us to leave the arena.

Do not use the permanent teleport in the arena, it is a fake teleport where death awaits us.

Boss spawn and Special Skills:

1st Special Technique - Poison Wave

- Spider Queen summons a poisonous wave that flies across the arena, from top to bottom.
- If you've been affected by poison, the damage ticks every second. Logarithmically doubling the damage dealt, every second!
- removes poison inflicted by the boss.

2nd Special Technique - Summoning Monsters

- Spider Queen calls for help, summoning whole arena of

3rd Special Technique - Spell that deals considerable damage

- Spider Queen stands in place and announces her special spell with the words "Look at my power..."
- Spell deals damage only around the spider queen with range of 1 sqm
- To avoid the attack, just stand 2 squares away from the Spider Queen
- Spell deals 500,000 - 1,000,000 immediate damage, which is reduced accordingly by the character's absorption

Don't forget that after killing Spider Queen you have 60 seconds to use the teleport.

Created by Hot Malina
© 2023 Copyright - Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur
Created By Graff, Edited by TREE, Modified By Vultur