Spider Queen

What is this

Spider Queen is a special type of boss that appears on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 5:00 PM on Planet of the Giants.

How to get

We go to the Giant Planet and follow the arrow shown on the map.

How to open the passage to the boss

We go to the place marked with an arrow.

We go downstairs and head to the marked place on the map.

In order to open the passage at the marked point on the map,
we need , , , and use on the tombstone .

Then we go back up and go face the boss.

Boss Fight

To fight the boss, we must have an that acts on the poison inflicted by the boss

BOSS has special techniques beyond the usual.

The boss summons a large number of gigantic spiders from time to time.

We get for defeating Boss : Experience , , , 10-15x

List of possible rewards from Spider Queen Box

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