Event Arena

Event arena

The event arena is a special place where members of the administration can organize various types of events for players. Events are performed with prior announcement or spontaneously smaller events. The entrance to the arena is unlocked only when events are organized and it is located on the vegeta, more precisely here:

Event Arena Map

Event Arena 1


The arena event map looks like this :

Event Arena 2

As you can see in the screenshot, it is divided into several parts, each of which is intended for a different event
  • S Start
  • 1 H/L Event.
  • 2.1 2.2 2.3 Monster Event arena successively for Low : 1 - 250 / Medium : 201 - 600 / Hard : 500 *
  • 3 Parcel Event.
  • 4 OX event.
  • 5 Dice event.
  • 6 Monster Dice Event.

In places not marked with numbers there are no events, they serve as a "hall".


Below is a brief description of each event in the event arena.

H/L Event

The event consists in the fact that the organizer stands in the center of a special arena and draws numbers from 1 to 6 with a dice. The arena is divided into 2 parts H corresponding to the number 4-6 and L corresponding to the number 1-3. Players standing on the L field, if the organizer draws the number 5, are removed from the arena until the end of the round. The game continues until there is 1 person left to win the prize.

Monster Event

Probably the most common event is that administrations create monsters that players fight. Monsters that cannot be found anywhere else, such as a goget, may appear at the event. As described in the above part, the event is divided into several level categories so that the organizer can adjust the strength of the monsters to the strength of the participants. Some important information about arenas.

  • Death in the arena means death in the game. We are not just teleported to the arena, we just die and respawn at Yama as it happens in the case of a normal death by a monster .
  • In the arena 1-250 non-pvp is in effect, while in the arenas 200-500 and 500 pvp is on .
  • In the 500 arena there are various "difficulties" in the form of death robots or spikes .
  • Organizators are always open to your suggestions. If you see that there were 3 barefoot comando at the event and there was not a single barefoot wolf, mention it to the organizer, maybe he just forgot to put it or did not notice that there is a boss wolf level player at the event .

Parcel Event

The event in the past was often organized by Adam Dymek. It consists in the fact that the organizer puts items or letters with codes into random plots in the arena, which we later exchange at the organizer for prizes. Then he opens the arena and players look for hidden items

O / X Event

The event consists in the fact that the organizer asks a question for yes / true field O or no / false field X, players only have moments to think and then they have to choose the field that they consider right. In case of wrong answer, players are kicked out of the arena. The game continues until 1 player is left, or until the organizer finds a tie and distributes the prizes equally among the other players or chooses the winner at random.

Dice Event

A well-known and liked dice event. It consists in the fact that the organizer stands at the end of the labyrinth with a cube and a snake one by one, people approach him and say number 1-6 if they guess they get a prize if they are not kicked out of the arena

Monster Dice Event

An original event invented by the creator of the arena. The exact rules are given when the event is organized.