Missing Energy Quest

Monster on way:
Rewards: Access to M2,Some Experience,

*Important* You need to complete this mission to start Friendly Robot Fuel Quest - Reborn

To start the quest, we go to Lude. Then follow as shown in the pictures

When we reach Dolltaki we can start the quest, we get the item dolltaki scepter which we have to use on the bodies of monsters from Lude

We need to collect 100 energy from each monster
Lude Outcast
Lude Civilian
Lude Guardian
Lude Templar
Lude Destructor
And one energy from Pan
We don't have to collect everything one by one
Here an example of how we manage to collect, and how we fail to collect

When we collect them all, we return to Dolltaki and type hi -> quest -> done -> yes to collect rewards .

One of the rewards that we can use after queset, we use it body and we can get tone items / lude dolls / experience , dolls can be useful later .
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