Super God Power Quest - 800 lvl

Monsters on way:
Reward: Access to Beerus Planet , New Super God Transformation.

*Important* To start these missions we must complete Earth Cusine Quest

We're going to Whis Planet to start training
We start training with NPC Whis by writing Hi -> Training -> Yes -> Quest -> Quest
In the first mission you will have to clean the trees , will be needed for that Apron which we must put on and a Broom that can be bought from Nuna
When we clear 100x trees, we return to Whis and ask for the next mission by writing Hi -> Quest
Now we have to clean 50x dirty aquariums, you will need a cloth to clean them, don't forget to put on your apron. Go to the very top of the building and start cleaning the aquarium.
When we finish cleaning we go back to Whis , and write Hi -> Quest .
Whis says the next task is to cut the grass and take it and then put it in the grass container, don't forget to wear an Apron.
We need to cut 100 grass and load it into the container .
When we're done collecting the grass, we go back to Whis and write Hi -> Quest .
The next task will be to test our strength
In this task we will be transferred to a special way. We'll have to click the lever at the start and move the weight to the bottom of the way
When we finish this stage, we go back to Whis again and write Hi -> Quest .
Our next task is to increase stamina, we need to get dressed and start training. You can buy training clothes from Whis by typing Hi -> Trade .
After running 10,000 steps, we return to Whis and write Hi -> Quest .
In the last task we will have to spar with Whis.
When we are teleported to the arena we have to defeat Whis , after defeating him, a teleport will appear on the right side of the arena .
When we manage to win our sparring, we go back to Whis and write Hi -.> Quest.
From now on we have to complete all missions every day for 3 days on * Fun Server * , 7 days on * Hard Server * .