Earth Dragon Ball System

What is it about :

When we collect 7 Dragon Ball, we can summon Shenron. It will fulfill our one wish.

How to get Dragon Ball :

Every now and then a dragon ball falls on Earth. Whoever finds it first will be able to pick it up. This event is preceded by the message: "Dragon ball has arrived on earth"

How to locate Dragon Ball :

You will need Dragon Ball Radar to locate the dragon ball. We can buy it from Bulma. It costs 15 zeni bills.

After using Dragon Ball Radar, a message will appear on the screen specifying the approximate position of the dragon ball. For example, "Dragon Ball is very far to the east." Each use of the radar takes 95% of ki.

How to summon Shenron :

When we collect the required number of balls, simply use them.

What are the rewards available :

We choose one of the following options :

  • A lot of experience
  • 10x
  • 2000 HP
  • 2000 KI
  • 3 Ki Level
  • 5 Attack Speed
  • 5 Train Points
  • 5 Sword Fighting
  • 5 Strenght
  • 5 Ki Blasting
  • 5 Defense
  • 5 Energy