Earth Dragon Ball System

What is it about :

When we collect 7 Dragon Ball, we can summon Shenron. It will fulfill our one wish.

How to get Dragon Ball :

Every now and then a dragon ball falls on Earth. Whoever finds it first will be able to pick it up. This event is preceded by the message: "Dragon ball has arrived on earth"

How to locate Dragon Ball :

You will need Dragon Ball Radar to locate the dragon ball. We can buy it from Bulma. It costs 15 zeni bills.

After using Dragon Ball Radar, a message will appear on the screen specifying the approximate position of the dragon ball. For example, "Dragon Ball is very far" Each use of the radar takes 95% of ki.

How to summon Shenron :

When we collect the required number of balls, simply use them.

What are the rewards available :

We choose one of the following options :

  • A lot of experience
  • 10x
  • 2000 HP
  • 2000 KI
  • 3 Ki Level
  • 5 Attack Speed
  • 5 Train Points
  • 5 Sword Fighting
  • 5 Strenght
  • 5 Ki Blasting
  • 5 Defense
  • 5 Energy