Selling Jigoku Items

After completing Haunted Catacombs Quest - 400 level , we get the opportunity to sell Hell Bars at NPC Goz. To smelt Jigoku items in Hell Bar, we have to go to the forge hidden in Hell. We go down to the Salamander resp and go to the marked place.

We use zanzoken to the indicated place.

Then we follow the markers.

Until we reach the forge.

After melting the Jigoku items in Hell Bar, go back to Goz and write: Hi -> sell all hell bar. The price of 1 Hell Bar is 2 Zeni Bill.
Item Reward
Jigoku goz armbands 20 = 40
Jigoku goz armor 9 = 18
Jigoku robe 8 = 16
Jigoku goz legs 7 = 14
Jigoku goz boots 6 = 12
Jigoku goz belt 5 = 10